[mythtv-users] 2 questions about lirc + fedora

Ed ed_lists at dryrain.net
Wed Dec 8 02:42:46 UTC 2004

I have been having issues with lirc in FC3 for about 4 days now. When i 
install the rpms lirc and kernel-module-lirc-2.6.9-1.681_FC3, and load 
the module and start every thing up it works all ok(This is also true 
if I uninstall reboot and reinstall). However once i reboot lirc will 
not work, even if loaded by hand. lircd will give the following status 
"lircd dead but subsys locked". my questions are:

1. is anyone else having problems with the packages for the 2.6.9-1.681 

2. When these are getting install could they be placeing items in the 
wrong place. I have tried to hunt down the modules that are being 
installed but i'm not really sure what's going on 

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