[mythtv-users] Dell OptiPlex for Myth front-end

David Shay david at shay.net
Wed Dec 8 00:01:22 UTC 2004

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Subject: [mythtv-users] Dell OptiPlex for Myth front-end

> Hi, all.  I currently have an "under the stairs" MythTV backend (dual
> PVR250 tuners), and a single XBox front-end in the living room.  I'm
> thinking about a second front-end in the bedroom, however I was
> thinking about a small form factor PC instead of another XBox.

For $89 or so you can get a Hauppauge MediaMVP unit and use the software at
http://mvpmc.sourceforge.net to turn the unit into a very basic
Myth-frontend.  It has S-Video and RCA TV out and can view a list of shows,
watch them,  and delete programs but can't yet schedule new ones (people are
working on this).  Completely quiet (no fan, no spinning disk -- it remote
boots over the network).  Actually quite slick, as long as you record your
stuff in MPEG2.  It doesn't do commercial skip yet, either, but does have a
"30 second skip" button you can use.  Doesn't do mythmusic stuff either, but
you can browse an NFS-mounted directory with music in it and play back.  All
in all, about the cheapest pseudo-mythfrontend you can buy. You can also
control it with any universal remote that speaks RC-5.

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