[mythtv-users] Where to get JFS for FC2

Neil Milne maillist at hippoit.co.uk
Tue Dec 7 23:17:07 UTC 2004

Marty Boeckman wrote:

> FC2 has a documented problem with with trying to format a JFS partition 
> at install time - by entering "linux jfs" at the boot prompt, and then 
> selecting JFS as the partition type when in disk druid. As a result, JFS 
> is not installed on my system.
> I want to try JFS as the file system for my video partition. But I can't 
> find binaries that I can apt-get. Does anyone know where I might get 
> them. Google turns up squat.

I'd be wary of using JFS to be honest. I did my initial mythtv setup 
with a big JFS LVM group, as well as using it for the root partition, 
and I had nothing but problems. It was *very* unforgiving of unexpected 
reboots and the final straw came when I had to do a hard reset of the 
box after a spectacular failure to get my ATI driver working and it blew 
away both superblocks of the LVM group - lost everything. I've since 
switched to using ext3 and it works really well. Not had any problems 
with large files (I use a pair of DVB-T cards so the files are MPEG2 and 
therefore pretty hefty). I would also consider ReiserFS as I've been 
using that with no problems for a couple of years on my main linux server.

To be honest, I'm not convinced JFS is mature enough, and if you check 
the mailing lists for it there are quite a few people still pulling out 
bugs from the hat...


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