[mythtv-users] Lightweight window manager recommendation

Neil Milne maillist at hippoit.co.uk
Tue Dec 7 23:11:21 UTC 2004

> I have been using ratpoison for about a week and there's one annoying 
> thing I can't seem to fix.  There is a small blue line on the right
> side and 
> the top of the image.  I tried adjusting the overscan and the position
> of the 
> window with no luck.  Is there some setting, either in MYth or
> Ratpoinson 
> I'm missing?

Is this the Xv overlay issue that affects the most recent nvidia driver?

It's been mentioned a few times on the nvnews forums. You can sort of 
fix it if that is the issue by running xvattr to set the overlay colour 
to black, which hides it.


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