[mythtv-users] Lightweight window manager recommendation

PAUL WILLIAMSON pwilliamson at mandtbank.com
Tue Dec 7 16:33:29 UTC 2004

>>> papenfuss at juneau.me.vt.edu 12/7/2004 11:17:52 AM >>>
>On Tue, 7 Dec 2004, Travis Osterman wrote:
>> I've been using Myth on my dedicated fc1 box for roughly one year
>> and have only wonderful things to say.  During the holidays I am
>> planning on performing some hardware upgrades to my system and am
>> be installing gentoo on my Myth box.  I haven't ventured far in the
>> relm of window managers (I prefer gnome myself) so I was looking for
>> recommendation on a lightweight wm that would offer a slight
>> in performance from KDE.
>> I've seen blackbox and fvwm mentioned in the mythtv.org howto and
>> would appreciate any more information whether one is preferrable or
>> there are other undocumented alternatives.  Thank you all for a
>> wonderful project and community.
>> -- Travis
> 	Mine is more or less a "settup box," so I don't have a mouse 
>connected to it.  I've found that ratpoision is pretty good to keep
>lightweight while still being able to get at a terminal or run other 
>things at the same time.  If you know how to use 'screen' from the 
>console, 'ratpoison' works the same way (ctrl-t, [0123] to switch
>window [0123], etc).  It automatically fullscreens everything and puts

>focus on the top one.

I have been using ratpoison for about a week and there's one annoying 
thing I can't seem to fix.  There is a small blue line on the right
side and 
the top of the image.  I tried adjusting the overscan and the position
of the 
window with no luck.  Is there some setting, either in MYth or
I'm missing?

Other than that, I like it.  ctrl-t is my friend.


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