[mythtv-users] easiest way to use vcr with mythtv ?

Dan Wilga dwilga at MtHolyoke.edu
Tue Dec 7 21:42:20 UTC 2004

At 9:17 PM +0200 12/7/04, Tomi Makinen wrote:
>I connected my vcr to my pvr 250 and now I am wondering, how I should setup
>mythtv to view vcr stuff.

At first glance, I thought this would be a good feature suggestion 
for the Myth devs: create a dummy "provider" which is just called 
"VCR" (or whatever you want to call it.) That way, you would assign 
the card input to this provider, and not have to worry about it 
trying to change channels or anything like that.

Then I realized something. Would I really want to run my VCR through 
MythTV? With the 2-second encode/decode lag, fast-forward/rewind on 
the VCR would become utterly useless.

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