[mythtv-users] Dual tuners with different channels

Randy Carpenter mythtv at rune.net
Tue Dec 7 21:05:17 UTC 2004

I never got any responses from this question. Does anyone have any 
experiences with a similar setup? Any ideas if this could be made to work?


On Wed, 1 Dec 2004, Randy Carpenter wrote:

> I am looking into the possibility of replacing the DVR from my cable 
> company with a MythTV setup.
> I have Digital cable, so I would need to use a digital box, and control it 
> via an IR Blaster.
> There are a couple questions I have about how this would work:
> 1. Is there a way for MythTV to detect if the cable box power is on, and 
> turn it on if necessary? Simply leaving the cable box on all the time is 
> not necessarily an option, as sometimes the cable company uploads firmware 
> upgrades, and that causes the box to reboot, and sometimes shutdown.
> 2. I want dual tuners, but don't want to hassle with 2 boxes. If I connect 
> a digital box with an IR blaster (giving me channels 2-78 analog, and 
> 100-300+ digital), and I have a second tuner card with just analog cable 
> (2-78) coming in, can MythTV be configured to handle this? Recording 
> digital channels would need to default to the first tuner, but the first 
> tuner would also need to be able to record analog stations, in the event 
> that 2 analog stations needed to be recorded at the same time. I 
> understand that I cannot have dual tuners on digital stations. This is ok, 
> as I record very little from the digital stations.
> thanks,
> -Randy

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