[mythtv-users] Dual tuners with different channels

Randy Carpenter mythtv at rune.net
Wed Dec 1 07:29:59 UTC 2004

I am looking into the possibility of replacing the DVR from my cable 
company with a MythTV setup.

I have Digital cable, so I would need to use a digital box, and control it 
via an IR Blaster.

There are a couple questions I have about how this would work:

1. Is there a way for MythTV to detect if the cable box power is on, and 
turn it on if necessary? Simply leaving the cable box on all the time is 
not necessarily an option, as sometimes the cable company uploads firmware 
upgrades, and that causes the box to reboot, and sometimes shutdown.

2. I want dual tuners, but don't want to hassle with 2 boxes. If I connect 
a digital box with an IR blaster (giving me channels 2-78 analog, and 
100-300+ digital), and I have a second tuner card with just analog cable 
(2-78) coming in, can MythTV be configured to handle this? Recording 
digital channels would need to default to the first tuner, but the first 
tuner would also need to be able to record analog stations, in the event 
that 2 analog stations needed to be recorded at the same time. I 
understand that I cannot have dual tuners on digital stations. This is ok, 
as I record very little from the digital stations.



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