[mythtv-users] ATrpms mythtv suddenly auto mutes ivtv?

Phil Bridges phil at gravityhammer.com
Tue Dec 7 20:08:47 UTC 2004

> Hi,
> I am running 0.16 on FC2 installed using Jarrod's howto.  It's been
> running
> grade until this weekend.  ATrpms had me upgrade mythtv and all of a
> sudden,
> ivtv will mute when I record or go into live tv.
> 1. When I record something, there is no sound.  If I manually run
> "ivtvctl -y mute=0" during the recording, sound is there in the recording
> from that time.  ivtvctl -a shows mute=1 at first, but mute=0 after the
> command.  So, mythtv is setting ivtv to mute audio.  If I turn off mute
> and
> then start a recording, sound is muted again.
> If I go into live tv, there is no sound, until I change the channel.  Even
> if I go back to the original channel, sound remains there.  But, if I exit
> live tv and go back to live tv, sound is muted again.
> I haven't had time to check the recent changes in the rpms, but if someone
> has a solution, please help :)
> Kind regards,
> Mark

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