[mythtv-users] Can't play recordings made pre- PVR-350 TV out

Dan Wilga dwilga at MtHolyoke.edu
Tue Dec 7 14:35:22 UTC 2004

From: David Smith

>Instead of trying to display the video through the X driver, change
>the MythTV settings to use the PVR-350 TV Out directly.  I don't
>remember exactly which settings page it is in, but I think it's on one

That's what I'm already doing.

>Make sure you take your audio from the PVR-350 output and not from
>your sound card, otherwise the video and audio will be out of sync
>enough to be annoying.

That too.

On Mon, 6 Dec 2004 16:30:10 -0500, Dan Wilga <dwilga at mtholyoke.edu> wrote:
>  Over the weekend, I finally gave up trying to get the lousy
>  proprietary ATI fglrx driver working with my on-board ATI 9100 IGP
>  chipset TV-out. Their driver apparently doesn't support DRM or GLX
>  video sync timing, leaving me with only RTC, which skips every few
>  minutes.
>  Anyway, I'm now using TV-out on my PVR-250, which works pretty well.
>  The problem I have is that some (but not all) of the programs I
>  recorded previously now won't play correctly. They display about
>  every-other frame, very jerkily, and there is no audio.
>  I'm using the same resolution as before, 720 x 480, but the videos
>  that won't play give me a whole slew of errors having to do with the
>  framerate being incorrect, and no XvM available (*is* there such a
>  thing as XvM for ivtv-fbdev?) Oddly, I looked in the files' headers
>  with a hex editor, and they do seem to be at the correct resolution
>  and framerate.
>  BTW, I'm using Myth 0.16, downloaded from CVS on Friday.
>  Are there utilities I can use to display the headers of both working
>  and non-working files, to more easily compare them?
>  Is there some way I can, perhaps, transcode these videos so that they
>  will work with the new TV-out?

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