[mythtv-users] PVR-250 + PVR-350

Søren Pingel Dalsgaard spd at mjolner.dk
Tue Dec 7 10:16:07 UTC 2004

> > Having ditched the idea of getting anything sensible out of my 
> > dxr3-card I have decided to move up to PVR-350. Has anybody tried a 
> > configuration with a PVR-250 + PVR350. Are there any 
> pitfalls? (how) 
> > Do I load the ivtv driver twice?
> If you have the PVR350 running and set up correctly, it 
> shouldn't be moch more than editing the modules.conf, a 
> depmod and editing myth's setup. You might have to do some 
> tweaks. But it didn't take me more than
> 15 min.

Cool - thanks!

> Unfortunately for me there are no more PVR250's available in 
> the whole of the Benelux. :-( 

Yeah, I found out that PVR-250 is hard to get too. Not available on kelkoo or similar sites.


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