[mythtv-users] IVTV and the Yuan MPG600GR

Jarod Wilson jarod at wilsonet.com
Tue Dec 7 09:31:56 UTC 2004

On Monday 06 December 2004 00:37, Jarod Wilson wrote:
> Oh yeah, I've also been in touch with T. Adachi, the guy who did a lot of
> the actual work on all those patches from paken.org. I hooked him up with
> my tarball, and he was going to take a look at what might be going on.

I'd like to kick someone at Yuan. So far as I can tell, this card I've got is 
missing the upd64031a and upd64083 chips, which are required (with the 
paken.org ivtv version) to handle the tuner and composite inputs correctly 
(because of they way they're wired to the saa7115's inputs). I believe there 
should be three large(ish) black chips on the back side of the card (there is 
in the picture of tadachi's card), while mine only has one, and I get nada in 
dmesg where those chips should be spitting out all sorts of info. I'll know 
for sure that's the case when tadachi gets back at me, but it doesn't look so 
hot. Crap.

Anywho, here's an updated tarball that merges tadachi's latest changes with 


Jonathan, since it seems you likely have the chips, can you let me know what 
revision your card claims to be? (mine says rev 1.1). Also, if you could try 
out that new tarball, I'd appreciate it. :-)

Jarod C. Wilson, RHCE
jarod at wilsonet.com

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