[mythtv-users] Re: Question about using nuvexport

Mr. Myth mythtv at blandford.net
Tue Dec 7 02:33:17 UTC 2004

Gavin Hurlbut wrote:

>OK, we'd need a bit more details to be able to start helping troubleshoot this.
>First off:
>1) What kind of card are you capturing with?
>2) What version of avidemux2?
>mpeg2cut should take about 5 minutes or so to cut a 1h show (that's what it 
>takes for me anyways).  18h is ridiculous.

My capture card is a PVR-250 ( a pair actually )
00:0c.0 Multimedia video controller: Internext Compression Inc iTVC15 
MPEG-2 Encoder (rev 01)
00:0d.0 Multimedia video controller: Internext Compression Inc iTVC15 
MPEG-2 Encoder (rev 01)

The version of avidemux2 is: avidemux-2.0.28-4.rhfc1.at

I am using FC1 by following Jarod's instructions.  An apt-get 
update/dist-upgrade says everything is current.

The cpu in the backend is a 1.4 gig Athlon.  My nuvexport attempt was on 
the backend.

Here is what happens:

Choose a function, or episode(s) to remove:  c
Where would you like to export the files to? [.]

Now encoding:  Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade:  Untitled
Encode started:  Mon Dec  6 19:16:59 2004
which: no Xvfb in 
mpeg2cut v1.6
Using mode X
Filename "/services/mythtv/1012_20041125085500_20041125121500.nuv"
OutFile "./Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.mpg"
Last GOP index 23969
Cutlist "280862-283635 359536-"
Finding the AV Offset to use with lvemux: -33
Finding framerate: 29.970
Last Frame 359535
Indexing the file with avidemux2
Cutting out commercials with avidemux2

Nothing happens after this.  I don't know if the last message means 
anything.  I have commercial detection turned off in the backend.

strace'ing the process yields nothing.  It doesn't appear to be making 
any system calls at this point.  I would have expected a 
read/process/write type scenario.

Any thoughts on how to proceed?


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