[mythtv-users] Motherboards with S-video

Randy Carpenter mythtv at rune.net
Mon Dec 6 22:56:44 UTC 2004

Most of my research so far is leading me to getting a separate video card 
(like an FX5200). If you want a super-small form factor with built-in, 
your best bet is an nforce2 baord. Asus has one that has S-video, and 
there are a few others as well.


On Mon, 6 Dec 2004, Dan Wilga wrote:

> >From: Drew Zerdecki <dzerdecki at gmail.com>
> >
> >Other than the Asus boards, I can not find motherboards with on-board
> >S-video out.  Are there any other Intel CPU motherboards that do
> >S-video?  Also, if there are no good motherboards with s-video, what is
> >the preferred graphics card for s-video output?  I have read all the
> >posts but when you read one who says card A is good, two others say it
> >is bad.   I'd opt for a pvr-350, but is mpalyer supports to play divx
> >etc good enough?  maybe Ill get both?  What to do?
> I actually have an Asus board, I believe it's the P4R800-V Deluxe. 
> I've found that ATI's XWindows driver for the 9100 IGP chipset does 
> not support any of the methods MythTV does for syncing audio to 
> video. As a result, I've had to drop back to using the TV-out on my 
> PVR-350, which works very well. I don't use Divx, though.
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