[mythtv-users] pcHDTV 3000 Which video card to use with

Steve Frank steve.frank at bevcore.com
Mon Dec 6 22:30:54 UTC 2004

mythtv-users-bounces at mythtv.org wrote:
> On Mon, 2004-12-06 at 14:20, JBorn at harland.net wrote:
>> I plan on making a myth box revolving around a pcHDTV 3000 card.
>> Which video card should I purchase to go along with it?
>>> From the pcHDTV web site I see the following listed:
>> Accelerated HDTV support with nVidia video cards.
>> Accelerated IDCT and Motion Compensation with GeForce4 Mx cards
>> Accelerated Motion Compensation with GeForce4 TI cards
>>> From that list the GeForce4 Mx cards seem to offer the best
>>> combination and
>> as  an  added  bonus are cheaper than the GeForce4 TI cards or am I
>> reading that completely wrong?
> For Myth, you might get by with a 440 MX, but most people
> report better results with a FX 5200.  In general, you want
> the fastest nVidia card that you can afford (in terms of
> money, heat, and noise).  I went with the 5200, as it was the
> fastest fanless card I could find.
>> Would  this  recommendation  change  if I planned to dual boot to do
>> gaming under windows?
> In that case, you might be willing to go with a faster card with a
> fan. 
> --PC

I started with a GeForce4 MX 440, AGP 4X on a Athlon XP 2500+ @ 2.2 Ghz
(about 3200+ levels). It dropped a bunch of frames using XvMC under the
Xine that came with the card. I just moved up to an AGP 8X FX5200 card,
and I don't have the issue any longer.  I haven't watched any 720p (Fox)
stuff yet, but West Wing was nice and smooth last week when I made the

The Fx5200 is about as big as you're going to run on the nVidia line
without adding a noisy fan.  


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