[mythtv-users] Re: New MythTV Hardware Review

Kevin Hulse jedi at mishnet.org
Mon Dec 6 21:07:28 UTC 2004

Quoting Brad Templeton <brad+myth at templetons.com>:

> On Mon, Dec 06, 2004 at 08:42:02AM -0600, Kevin Hulse wrote:
> > e) You wish to archive some of what you are recording on your Tivo
> > f) You wish your Tivo were better organized (like, by series then episode)
> > g) You want a DVD jukebox.
> > h) You want an MP3 jukebox that doesn't require a constant wifi signal.
> > i) You want more sophisticated preference algorithms.
> > j) You want a user serviceable device that you can easily add capacity to.
> >
> > There's plenty of room for improvement with a Tivo.
> Of course, and over time Myth will get better.  I suppose I shouldn't
> have said "the only reason" because what I really mean is "The only
> reasons that would justify the high degree of hassle required to
> run Myth."
> As nice as the above features are, it's hard to justify the pains we
> see people experiencing on this list in order to get them.   And you
> can archive Tivo recordings if you hack into the Tivo, which while complex

...which kind of defeats the purpose.

> isn't as much work as getting Myth up.   Features f and i are pleasant

(f) actually becomes very relevant once you start getting into the larger
capacity Tivos.

> but minor.  (h) can be had for $80 with a MediaMVP and less by other

This doesn't have any of it's own storage, so it's not really a suitable
replacement to deal with complaint (h). This sort of thing is already
covered by a Series 2 Tivo.

> means.  You can easily add capacity to the Tivo, I have done so.  DVD
> jukebox doesn't appeal to me that much, though I know it appeals to some.

It helps the car, in terms of end user complexity and engineering,
that a car is not expected to suddenly become wood chipper at some   |||
arbitrary point as it's rolling down the road.                      / | \

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