[mythtv-users] Setting overscan with PVR-350 TV out?

Dan Wilga dwilga at MtHolyoke.edu
Mon Dec 6 20:14:56 UTC 2004

I would like to reduce the overscan of the PVR-350's TV out, because 
the image is too large for my TV right now, and I can't see a lot of 
X's output.

I realize that I can set MythTV to run in a window, but that doesn't 
help other X apps, or the desktop itself. I know I can run a program 
like "ratpoison" to do reduce the number of pixels X makes use of, 
but then I end up with even less screen real estate to work with 
outside of MythTV. 720 x 480 is small enough already.

I've Googled this topic extensively, and gotten responses ranging 
anywhere from "you simply can't do that," to "this feature has been 
in ivtv for some time now" (without any mention of HOW to actually do 
it!) Playing with the modeline has no effect that I can see.

So, if it can be done, how? I know it must be possible (maybe by 
playing with the chip registers using ivtvctl?) because the PC 
software has this option.
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