[mythtv-users] *Remote* remote control

Jonathan Markevich mythtv at jonandtina.net
Mon Dec 6 19:48:23 UTC 2004

Ken Edwards wrote:

>>Here's another pie-in-the-sky request.
>>Is there some kind of way I can control the frontend machine through the
>A simple solution might be to use a VNC server on the frontend
>machine. There is something by the name of xVNC that will tie vnc into
>X so that you control what's going on on the screen.
>I found this handy to control my xbox before I spliced up the USB
>cables / got the remote working.
You've gotta love a response that starts with "A simple solution..." :)  
This was a great idea, and led me to think of another one... synergy 
(synergy.sf.net)!  I've tried it once, before I had my second monitor, 
and it was pretty good, this would just be perfect.

Basically it's a network-enabled cross-platform KVM.  I'll set it up so 
I just slide the mouse off the top of the screen and it will move over 
to the Myth frontend.

Thanks for the idea!

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