[mythtv-users] Recording a tape to DVD

John Kuhn kuhn at razorsys.com
Mon Dec 6 17:59:39 UTC 2004

>Agreed. The surest way for a feature request to become a feature is to
>write the code. :)
>I'll try to take a look at the code tonight. Not making any promises,
>esp as my C++ skills are a bit rusty.
>Do any of the current developers have any comments about a MythVHS
>module being added with the purpose of making it as easy as possible
>to import VHS tapes into Myth?
I'm not a developer, but I know a few people personally that would love 
the addition of this

what i invision is a smallish preview window of the video (like in 
recorded shows) and then the controls start/stop and name the video.  
inserting into mythvideo would be ideal, but for the pvr-350 folk like 
myself it would be best to insert it into recorded programs (as to make 
use the of the hardware 350 decoder) for playback

just some ideas


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