[mythtv-users] *Remote* remote control

Niklas Brunlid nbr at ticalc.org
Mon Dec 6 16:40:56 UTC 2004

On Mon, 06 Dec 2004 11:05:17 -0400, Jonathan Markevich  
<mythtv at jonandtina.net> wrote:

> Matt Vollmar wrote:
>>> Here's another pie-in-the-sky request.
>>> Is there some kind of way I can control the frontend machine through  
>>> the network?  We're currently in a rather spread-out place, and  
>>> sometimes I'd like to watch tv and programs another floor away.  The  
>>> frontend and backend are all on the same machine, and the output from  
>>> that is piped all over the house.
>>> LIRC seems to be able to signal the app to do things, is there some  
>>> way to extend that even more?
>>> Thanks.
>> People like http://www.x10.com make IR Repeaters.  Just put one in  
>> every room and it will repeat your signal to the destination you want  
>> to go.  I'm sure there are other and probably cheaper places that make  
>> them.
> I was hoping to use my network.  I'm sitting at a PC right now, but  
> Stephane Grappelli is on CoolTV downstairs!!! (gasp)  This time I set it  
> to record, which works for channel changing, but I have to run all the  
> way downstairs to get to recorded programs to watch it, then run all the  
> way upstairs again (gasp gasp... never thought watching TV would give me  
> this much exercise! :))

My solution is to simply install MythWeb on the backend (or wherever you  
feel like) and use the DSMyth filters on my work box together with any  
MPEG2 decoder filter to just watch the recorded programs in any media  
player that knows streaming, or Samba for the ones that don't. =)

That's for a Windows box. For a Linux box I imagine running a frontend in  
a window would be one solution.

/ Niklas

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