[mythtv-users] pvr250 + dxr3

David George david at thegeorges.us
Mon Dec 6 15:41:40 UTC 2004

On 12/6/2004 10:16 AM, Chris Wieringa wrote:

>>>>>spd at mjolner.dk 12/4/2004 6:59:59 PM >>>
>>Has anybody tried getting a dxr3 (using em8300-modules) to work with
>>mythtv. It *should* work just like the output to a pvr350 but even
>>when I enable output to PVR350 and select /etc/em8300_mv-0 I get the
>>picture on my monitor and not on the composite out of the em8300.
>This reply is for all you DXR3 people out there...
>DXR3 and Myth is not supported at this time, and it most likely will not be
>unless someone is willing to code up support for it.  There are a few issues
>(if I remember them correctly) that need to be addressed with the DXR3, that
>have been addressed with the PVR-250 already.  These are all WAY back in the
>archives, you'll need to search them to find out for sure.
>1.  The PVR-250 can act like a video card, and you can run X on the TV-out
>part of the card.  This allows for the frontend to run on the TV-out, and then
>allows it to use the MPEG2 decoding when necessary.  The DXR3 cannot be used
>like this - instead it requires a line-through of the X session from your video
>card, and relies on overlay to play the MPEG2 content.  There is loss in video
>quality from the line through, and the overlay piece for the DXR3 tends to be a
>pain (from what I hear).  
>2.  The DXR3 has terrible OSD support - it does NOT support a sophisticated
>OSD like Myth uses, it only has basic OSD support.  Some new OSD in Myth would
>have to be coded for DXR3 use.  The PVR-250 handles OSD much better.
>Technically if would be feasible to do this if some people actually wanted to
>spend the time to code up support for it.  However, the PVR-250 is a much
>better (and cleaner) option for decoding.  The DXR3 is too old, and would not
>make for a nice, pretty, and efficient solution in Myth.  If you are looking
>for a TV recording solution that can be used with the DXR3, you might try the
>VDR project ( http://www.cadsoft.de/vdr/index.htm ).

250 is capture only, 350 is capture and tvout.

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