[mythtv-users] Recording a tape to DVD

John Kuhn kuhn at razorsys.com
Mon Dec 6 15:05:02 UTC 2004

Chris wrote:

> I'm working on a Christmas project that will have me use my myth box to
>record some old family videos (on VHS tapes) to DVD.  I've seen lots of
>messages on the list about recording shows to DVD, but since this is
>coming from a tape (and will be manually started & stopped), it seems
>like my best approach is to use ivtv's test_ioctl to set my PVR250 to
>DVD-compatible settings and then "cat /dev/video > file.mpg" .  (I can
>then edit the file in LVE, avidemux, or something similar.)  Involving
>myth seems like it would be more complicated than it needs to be, as I
>will require manual control over the recordings and can't take advantage
>of all the other things that Myth can do automatically.
> However, I thought I'd first check here to see if anyone had done
>something similar or had any clever ideas on improving my approach.  Any
>suggestions are welcome.

would be really nice if someone could make a module exactly for this.  
Myth has all the functionality todo it, just needs a more usefriendly 
method.  a nice Start/stop switch would be ideal with possibly some 
transcoding options.. also giving the process the highest priorty so 
myth doesnt try to steal the tuner for another show..

I have alot of vhs hi/8 tapes i would love to get into the mythbox


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