[mythtv-users] Is X over TV-Out *at all* possible under FC3 (-681 kernel) with PVR-350

Nick Morrott pvr at insidethex.co.uk
Mon Dec 6 10:23:11 UTC 2004

Hi all,

After much head-scratching and punching of keyboard I am just writing to see
if it is *at all* possible to get X running over the TV-out of my PVR350
card under Fedora Core 3. I have had no trouble at all (apart from ALSA)
getting my PVR system configured and running but whenever I try and modprobe
ivtv-fb from either init level 3 or from within KDE I just get either:

i) a stuck system with the console screen messed up (each successive line of
output is indented further to the right wrt the previous line) when
modprobing ivtv-fb from the console under run level 3, or

ii) a stuck system with a blank console and no TV output when
Ctrl-alt-BS'ing after having replaced my xorg.conf file for a tailored
PVR350 version.

I can SSH into the box under both conditions and restore the xorg settings,
but cannot shut it down and must power cycle the box.

I have compiled ivtv drivers for 0.2.0.rc3 and 0.3.1.z drivers to no avail
and have made sure there only single copies of the ivtv drivers. I get no
error messages in /var/log/message for the loading - all appears normal, and
no errors in /var/log/Xorg.0.log. In fact the only error when trying to get
X up and running on the TV out was when the xorg.conf parser noted I'd put a
space between End and Mode on the TV setup!

Do people have X running on their FC3 systems over the TV-Out of the
Hauppauge 350? If do, please give me some pointers as to how it's achieved.
I've even added the "video=vc:0-0" option to grub at boot time to try and
address the console being grabbed, but this does not help.

I've seen a couple of messages saying it is impossible under FC3 but
achievable under FC2, but haven't seen any categorical answer about this.

Thanks for your time,


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