[mythtv-users] Mythvideo not working.

Randy Carpenter mythtv at rune.net
Mon Dec 6 08:03:56 UTC 2004


I have figured out a little bit more. I had chosen all of the titles that 
were listed in MythDVD to transcode. What I did not know is that the first 
one is all of the titles concatenated into one .vob file. The remaining 
titles were each title (there are multiple episodes of a certain TV series 
on this disk) So what I ended up with was everything encoded twice. Now 
that I know that, it is easier to deal with.  The naming convention for 
the files is a bit strange, though. The first file is tagged with the name 
of the disk. The first separate title is labeled as "Title 2". Confusing 
as this is "Episode 1"

Also, does anyone know how to input text properly on the for the name of 
the titles? If I try to type any numbers, it prints out a bunch of 
gibberish characters. I'd like to be able to label them "TV Show - Ep. 
101" , "... 102", etc.

I still would like to see a "Rip whole DVD including menus, and features", 
along with a properly working IMDB lookup (which doesn't work for my DVDs 
with multiple episodes)

If anyone has any further suggestions, I would appreciate it.


> I have FC3 with mythtv installed via ATrpms. I've been playing with it, 
> and have a bunch of problems.
> The main one right now, is Mythvideo does not appear to be working
> properly. I put in a DVD that has multiple episodes of a TV show. I told
> mythdvd to rip/transcode each of the 6 different titles, in "perfect",
> which it did. Nothing shows up in mythvideo. The files are on the hard
> drive in the mythvideo directory. If I go to "manage recordings" they all
> show up, but say "0 minutes". Another oddity is that the 5 ripped files
> take up 14GB of space, which is about double that of what the DVD actually
> has. And this is without any menus or extras.
> Also, why isn't there an option to copy the whole DVD as one big file, so 
> you could play it back later with menus and extras? That is what I would 
> prefer. Couldn't there be a "make image of DVD" option?
> I'll save my other issues for separate emails...
> thanks,
> -Randy

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