[mythtv-users] ivtv_enc_timeout: Running encoder tasklet...

Jay R. Ashworth jra at baylink.com
Mon Dec 6 05:19:17 UTC 2004

We've just, since the 28th of last month, started having a problem with
this on our 2-tuner KT-400A box -- which had been rock solid until
them.  We've been revving CVS occasionally, but didn't do one that was
consonant with when this problem started.  

I checked, and we didn't do a kernel upgrade then either.

And we've been steady on 100z since shortly after it came out; it never
gave us any problems.

*Because* it never gave us any problems, I haven't been paying as much
attention to this list as formerly; has something gond by that might be
a hint here?

Absolutely the only thing that changed in that time period was that our
secondary IDE cable (a round 80-wire) grew an HP DVD-burner to go along
with its Barracuda-200 (part of a three-drive XFS volume group, so,
alas, I can't unplug the HDD for testing).  The drive itself went in 11
successful days before the crashes started.

I'm not seeing any other untoward messages in the logs at runtime; Myth
continues to *think* it's recording, but the file ceases getting any

My Sister Approval Factor is plummeting; any suggestions on what to
look for (and what debugging HOWTO's I should have already known to
read :-) would be greatly appreciated.  (If someone wants to write that
up as an IVTV Debugging page at mythtv.info, so much the better. ;-)

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