[mythtv-users] "waited too long for decoder to pause" bug

Blaise Bourdin bourdin at tolula.com
Mon Dec 6 05:15:40 UTC 2004


I eventually upgraded my Mythtv box to 0.16.
(Mandrake 10.1 official, chaintech NIF something MoBo, everything else 
pretty much stock)

I searched the list to see the the bug is known -and- fixed in CVS, but 
I don't feel adventurous to go for a full CVS installation. Is there a 
patch to apply to the stock 0.16 to fix this problem?

At this point, I can't compile 0.15.1 on a fresh install of Mandrake 
10.1, and 0.16 won;t work... I'm without mythtv for the first time in a 



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