[mythtv-users] Question about using nuvexport

Mr. Myth mythtv at blandford.net
Mon Dec 6 03:05:13 UTC 2004


I am new to editing with myth....

I recorded a 3 hour program using mythtv.

I only really want to keep about 3 minutes of the program.

I used the edit mode to set a cut point in front of and behind the clip 
I want to save.

I pressed X to transcode.

Now if I watch that show, I only see the clip I want. 

I appears the original file is still intact and rather large.  Is this 
to be expected?  I guess I thought transcoding it would reduce its size.

So - moving forward.

I tried to use nuvexport to extract that little clip to a small(er) mpeg 

I chose option 8 MPEG2->MPEG2 cut only. 

This started up avidemux2 which consumed all of my cpu for about 18 
hours before I killed it. 

I haven't tried this again.  Am I going down the wrong path?

All I really want to do is archive this little bit of video and then 
delete the rest out of mythtv.

Thanks for any help/advice.


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