Dish channel changing Re: [mythtv-users] Feature Suggestions (Tivo)

James Armstrong james at
Mon Dec 6 01:58:34 UTC 2004

Steve Bower wrote:

>>>>>>"Kevin" == Kevin Hulse <jedi at> writes:
>Kevin>      Also, the DishTV set top boxes have this nasty habit of
>Kevin> putting you in a deadend condition if you select the wrong
>Kevin> channel. This is a problem with Tivo since it neither detects nor
>Kevin> routes around this problem. The Dish box is basically expecting
>Kevin> human interaction contrary to the automated responses from the
>Kevin> Tivo.
>Kevin>      Tivo wants to spit out full channel numbers and the Dish box
>Kevin> wants to only get chan-up or chan-down. The end result is a bunch
>Kevin> of trashed recordings.
>Kevin>      I was wondering if Myth has any "crash detection" or any
>Kevin> other methods to route around this sort of problem?
>Kevin>      For the Dish boxes, I suppose adding a chan-up command as a
>Kevin> prefix to any explicit channel input would suffice as a
>Kevin> workaround.
>Hi Kevin,
>I did this for a while with my mythtv/dish setup, but it ran into the
>same issue when the chan-up put me onto a PPV channel...
>I've been focusing my efforts more on hdtv lately, so I haven't been
>fiddling with it much recently.
>Can you access the guide from those screens?  If so, that might be a
>"works everywhere" thing.
>Or, we could always grab a still picture of the channel-change banner
>and OCR it to see if it matches the channel we want to be on.  Or
>compare the picture with the "bad channel" screen?
>  Steve.
I have this exact problem also. I always wondered if we could detect 
something on the screen. It seems that there is always a dark background 
(going from memory) and a static blue box with text that says this 
channel is not activated and to call dish.

- James

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