[mythtv-users] Avermedia DVB-T 771 Remote issues

Simon Glynn simon at brucethecow.com
Sun Dec 5 23:53:14 UTC 2004


I've got a nearly complete working environment through a setup of

KnoppMythR4V5 (MythTV0.16)
Avermedia DVB-T 771
Kernel 2.6.10-rc2

Through some list searching I've made the following changes to get IR up,
but have come unstuck somewhere and could use some help.

I've edited linux/drivers/media/video/ir-kbd-gpio.c and uncommented the
line for the 771
i.e. /* case BTTV_AVDVBT_771: */

recompiled, and loaded the module ir-kbd-gpio via modprobe

The ir controller is now recognised and from within a tty terminal I can
press the arrow keys on the remote and it behaves as if I pressed them on
the keyboard. I understand that the remote is now behaving like a virtual
keyboard, which is great, but unfortunately once in X windows (Alt-F7), I
get no response from the remote.

Some people have suggested that you can run lirc on top of this setup,
using keyboard input as the input source, but others are saying why bother
when you've already got it inputting as a keyboard. In any case, I
couldn't get lirc working, so unless it is a necessity, I'll leave it out
for the moment.

As for ir-kbd-gpio. Does anybody know how to get the remote keypresses to
work within X ? (someone mentioned that you need X to recognise a
multi-media keyboard, but I don't know how you do that)


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