[mythtv-users] displaying widescreen TV on a 4:3 video card

Jason Lewis jason at dickson.st
Sun Dec 5 23:20:08 UTC 2004


I have been struggling with this problem....

My myth box has a DVB capture card, and a Geforce4 MX graphics card. It 
turns out that DVB comes in in some sort of wide screen, 16:9 or 
something, and the graphics card I have can only do 4:3 TV-out.

Is there a way to get Mythtv to resize and add letterbox to the output 
so I can see the whole picture on my TV?

I have tried the W key, but it does not have an appropriate mode. The 
closest is the 16:9 stretch, but that crops the left and right edges of 
the picture.

Thanks in advance,


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