[mythtv-users] *completely* OT : general database app for linux?

Gordon Rimac gordon at rimac.net
Sun Dec 5 05:11:24 UTC 2004

Rekall is the closest thing to Access I have seen.  There is also 
PgAccess (http://www.pgaccess.org/) which is pgsql specific but gives 
you forms, reports, etc.

Craig Tinson wrote:

> Cook, Garry wrote:
>> mythtv-users-bounces at mythtv.org wrote:
>>> Have just installed linux for a friend so he can have a play with it
>>> (FC3) .. the first thing he asked about was if there was a decent
>>> database app for it..
>>> I explained all about mysql/postgresql.. but he is interested in
>>> something like an Access type application.. with a nice graphical
>>> frontend..
>>> Anyone seen anything like this? have had a look through freshmeat but
>>> can't find anything relevant..
>>> Cheers
>>> Craig
>> You might have a look at phpMyAdmin. It's written for MySQL, not
>> PostgreSQL. You can administer your databases via a browser.
>> http://www.phpmyadmin.net/
> thanks for the response.. sorry I should have been more specific.. I 
> use phpMyadmin all the time.. but its not what hes looking for..
> more like access.. with forms/reports etc.. I came across an app call 
> Rekall.. which is pretty close.. but doesn't seem to compile under FC3 
> (there are reports of it working under FC2 though) .. so something 
> like that..
> Thanks again
> Craig
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