[mythtv-users] audio problems using mythtv

Joe Buhr joe.buhr at gmail.com
Sun Dec 5 02:29:46 UTC 2004

I'm not sure where to begin with this one...

Fedora Core 3

Video Configuration (seems to be working):
Hauppage 250 - tuner input
Nvidia GeForce 4 MX - S-Video output

Audio Configuration:
Using the soundcard on the motherboard... aliased to snd-via82xx
I have a cable between my TV and the mythtv box converting from the
on-board (mini head-phone jack) to my TV's RCA inputs.

When just accessing the sound through the OS, the audio to the TV works fine:
$ /usr/bin/aplay /usr/share/sounds/KDE_Startup.wav

When I fire up the myth frontend, however, there is no audio.  If I
unplug the converter between the TV and the mythtv box and use
headphones instead, everything works fine... even through mythtv.

Any ideas?

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