[mythtv-users] Recording a tape to DVD

Chris mythtvusers.x.kyanos at spamgourmet.org
Sat Dec 4 14:14:54 UTC 2004

 I'm working on a Christmas project that will have me use my myth box to
record some old family videos (on VHS tapes) to DVD.  I've seen lots of
messages on the list about recording shows to DVD, but since this is
coming from a tape (and will be manually started & stopped), it seems
like my best approach is to use ivtv's test_ioctl to set my PVR250 to
DVD-compatible settings and then "cat /dev/video > file.mpg" .  (I can
then edit the file in LVE, avidemux, or something similar.)  Involving
myth seems like it would be more complicated than it needs to be, as I
will require manual control over the recordings and can't take advantage
of all the other things that Myth can do automatically.

 However, I thought I'd first check here to see if anyone had done
something similar or had any clever ideas on improving my approach.  Any
suggestions are welcome.

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