[mythtv-users] Getting there, but somewhat frustrated...

Bill Sutton thesuttons at skybluewireless.com
Sat Dec 4 07:35:47 UTC 2004

I appreciate your patience as I kind of ramble on...

I guess I have the common problem of sound set up.  I have a VIA Technologies VT8233/A/8235/8237 AC97 Audio Controller reported when I do a sound card detection in FC control panel.  It says it is using module snd-via82xx.  Attempting to play any sound just gives me mostly static but I can barely here what sounds like bells being played as the test sound.  I have followed the instructions in Jarod's writing and have done an apt-get on the alsa-drivers with:

# apt-get install kernel-module-alsa-$MYKERNEL
# apt-get install alsa-driver

What is completely unclear is where stuff gets put with apt-get?  Where does it all go?  I have seen references to the device file /dev/dsp but this does not exist on my system.  Jarod also mentions a "/etc/modprobe.conf" but this doesn't exist either.  Looking at the http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-doc/ page especially for the VIA sound card is a bit over my limited Linux head.  In fact, it is entirely unclear where I go to download the VIA driver.  The ALSA website starts saying the right words about changing ownership and access with "chmod a+rw /dev/dsp /dev/mixer /dev/sequencer /dev/midi" but these files simply don't exist yet on my system.  What step did I miss?

I've grown to have a real appreciation for you guys that are having success with this, but at the moment, I'm frustrated.

Oh, but some sort of good news.  I did get mythbackend and mythfrontend running.  I was able to see video, but it get's incredibly jumpy after a few seconds of running.  I'm using a Avermedia PCI 300 and my system is just under 1Ghz.  I'm thinking that without the hardware encoder, I may not get there.  The TV Tuner card did detect automatically and loaded some bt8xx type driver.  I assume it did ok, but I have not tried to optimize it as Jarod points out in his write up.

Enough for one night.  Good Night all.


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