[mythtv-users] Epia, MythTV, and a pile of confusion

Matt Picker mpicker21 at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 3 21:38:01 UTC 2004

I have looked over all of the stuff on that site.  I
am also looking at epiawiki.org where I have gotten a
lot of my information.  Maybe that is what is screwing
me up.  They have an ebuild on there for X.org that
has special stuff in it.  I think it is the XvMC
stuff.  So I need to use that ebuild or do I just
worry about that stuff after I get X.org installed? 
And what special is required to get the 3d working?  I
would like to run some visualizations to my music.  Do
I need to do that kernel patching and select the DRI

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