[mythtv-users] Repeating audio on SMP machine

Yan-Fa Li yanfali at best.com
Fri Dec 3 16:07:00 UTC 2004

Try forcing the capture card and audio capture IRQ processing onto one 
CPU.  It could be that the process is being migrated between CPUs and 
the driver is not completely SMP safe.


You can read about it in Documentation/filesystems/proc.txt
in the kernel source code.

A similar problem occurs under high network load, where multiple CPUs 
may trigger out of order packet delivery.  Forcing the IRQ to only be 
serviced from a particular CPU fixes that problem.


Kane Tse wrote:
> I do notice that both myself and the original poster has a 
> dual-processor Althon machine containing the capture card.  I wonder if 
> that could be the problem?  Anyone else running a dual-processor Althon 
> with a BT-8x8 based card?
> Thanks!

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