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Michael J. Lynch mlynch at gcom.com
Fri Dec 3 12:34:31 UTC 2004

It's under the recording options somewhere.  I don't recall where just off
hand.  Anyway...you set it on a recording by recording basis.  You can
start a recording x number of minutes early or late and/or end recording
x number of minutes early or late.  I think the option is under "storage
options" on the initial recording options screen.

Oh yea...if you are doing something like "record this anytime it is on
this channel" (or the like) and have adjusted the start and/or stop to
run early or late, the adjustment will apply each time the show is recorded.

James Orr wrote:

>On Thu, 2004-12-02 at 15:57, Michael J. Lynch wrote:
>>Can't you just use the "start recording 1 minute late" option for
>>The West Wing to solve the conflict?
>I wasn't aware there was one ... where is it?  I usually use mythweb for
>setting up the schedules and rarely use the actual frontend.
>If I set that, will it always record 1 minutes late, or only if there's
>a preceding show?
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