[mythtv-users] add webcam in MythTV system

rlpconsulting at hotmail.com rlpconsulting at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 2 20:30:01 UTC 2004

I have installed PVR-250 in my system with MythTV and things are working fine.  
I want to add webcam to the system.  The webcam is Dlink DSC-C110 and FC2 
installed the module sn9c120 for this USB webcam.  However, I could not be 
able to get it working on the gnomemeeting on KDE and xawtv as well.  When I 
ran the gnomemeeting and select /dev/video1 as the source, I got an error 
message that failed to connect to /dev/video1.

I wonder if anyone have similar experience.  I highly appreciate for any 
suggestions or help.

Ric Poon

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