[mythtv-users] audigy2 platinum problem

Florin Andrei florin at andrei.myip.org
Fri Dec 3 04:41:28 UTC 2004

On Thu, 2004-12-02 at 19:58 -0800, Matt Picker wrote:
> I also have had some difficulty with my audigy.  There
> are just so many channels to play around with I
> litterally spent hours the one night playing around.

So true.

> I ended up just using the mic input on the back of my
> pc and enabling that capture in alsamixer.

Funny, before reading your message, that's what i ended up doing.
The mic input seems to be working fine, although it seems very counter-
intuitive to feed line-level signal into a mic input.

I was finally able to watch TV using MythTV with sound, and i am
recording a show now to make sure all is good.

I think i hear some popping noises when watching TV. I'm not sure what's
the cause - they don't seem to be overload pops, but i cannot be sure.

> What tv tuner card are you using?  Some cards will let
> you use the btaudio drivers which the 2.6 kernels now
> have nicely supported in the alsa section.  Thats what
> I use now.  You just have to be sure to set the
> recording device in myth to the new dsp#.

Wow, that seems like a great idea!

Anything special i have to set in /etc/modprobe.conf?
Here are the dsp devices that i have:

# ls /dev/dsp*
/dev/dsp  /dev/dsp1  /dev/dsp2

The first one is the Audigy2
The second one (dsp1) is the onboard AC97 soundcard, which seems to be
pretty lame (couldn't turn on capture, seems quite bad anyway). I think
i'll disable it.
Could it be that dsp2 is the TV card? I think i remember telling MythTV
to use dsp2, but i think it gave me an error (although i could be
wrong). The Gnome mixer does have three tabs, the first two related to
the soundcards, the third appears to be related to the TV card, but i am
not sure.
I do see a snd_bt87x module loaded. Could that be the "btaudio" module
you mention?
Any other tips related to this trick? :-)

Newbie question: if i tell MythTV to record sound straight from the TV
card, how will it know to wich card to play it back, so i can hear it in
the speakers connected to the Audigy?

Florin Andrei


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