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Schwarz, Robert P BS126598 at ncr.com
Fri Dec 3 04:16:15 UTC 2004

Well I am new to this list and have been playing with MythTV and my
system since Fedora core 1.  My first hurdle was the driver for my Asus
TV FM Card.  My son purchased it and has decided he didn't want it so I
inherited it.  This card has the Phillips 7133 chip.  I have a P4P800S
MOBO with a 2.8GHz P4 and 512MB memory.

My experience have ranged from having a system that would not install do
the MOBO issue with Fedora. To fighting with the saa7134 driver.  But I
finally have something running.

Recently I compiled a CVS version of MythTV (this solved my sound
problem as I saw a posting about ALSA and having to configure that in
and compile).  So I totally recommend building it from scratch.

The saa7134 driver does not recognize my card correctly.  The driver ID
the card as tuner type 39 and the card is actually type 43.  I used an
option line in /etc/modprobe.conf to set the tuner "option saa7134
tuner=43".  This has allowed me to see all the channels.

I have several issues I don't know how to work arround.

1) the sound does not come up properly att the time.  I set record on of
all things "CD" in alsamixer and mute and the sound work.  After booting
the record may be off.  This may have to do with the family running the
dual boot of Winders XP.

2) The number keys no longer work to change channels, if I type a number
I get the last digit as the channel (i.e., I get 2 thru 9).  In fact, a
lot of the keys and functions don't work the same as the built version I
downloaded. (but I have sound now).

Any help would be appreciated!

Bob Schwarz 
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