[mythtv-users] My ffmpeg nuvexport module so far

Jonathan Markevich mythtv at jonandtina.net
Fri Dec 3 00:33:12 UTC 2004

Michael J. Lynch wrote:

> Cool....the export frame rate on my 733Mhz P3 went from 3 fps to 21 fps.
> Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more acceptable.  Thanks for the patch.  I hope
> it ends up in the distro.
Glad it helps.  How does the end result look to you?

I find it interesting that this encode scales with the processor speed 
whereas mpeg2enc seemingly doesn't.  I've seen people with 1 GHz 
machines and Athlon 64 3200+ machines that claim the same render speed.  
Sounds like some kind of bug/bottleneck rather than just extreme 
attention to quality...  But that's just my tinfoil-beanie wearing side 
speaking, now :)

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