[mythtv-users] Several General Questions

Lane Schwartz dowobeha at gmail.com
Thu Dec 2 22:40:14 UTC 2004

On Thu, 02 Dec 2004 09:45:45 -0700, match at ece.utah.edu
<match at ece.utah.edu> wrote:
> On 2 Dec 2004 at 4:48, Brian Pilnick wrote:
> > I've been researching HTPC's for a while and I think I'm ready to build
> > a dedicated box for my parents.
> ---Wait, let me get my Flame Suit on---
> If your Mom's not fairly computer literate, then MythTV is not for her.  I don't think
> MythTV is ready for primetime. It's too easy to put the computer into a state where it
> doesn't act the way she thinks it should
> Running a MythTV box (or 2 or 3) is a far cry from punching-up a few buttons on a
> remote to use a Tivo.
> --- Flame Suit off---

I really have to disagree with this post.

Once Myth is properly set up, it is just as easy to use as a Tivo. It
is not a far cry from punching a few buttons on a Tivo remote.

Yes, Myth and the accompanying TV tuner drivers can be a pain to get
set up and configured. But at least in my experience, once it's
working it stays working.

Maybe this is just me, but I think we're doing a disservice to
ourselves and to the Myth developers by discouraging people from
setting up Myth for their non-Linux-savvy friends and family.


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