[mythtv-users] Playing Tivo .ty files within Myth?

Zot O'Connor zot at whiteknighthackers.com
Thu Dec 2 21:40:32 UTC 2004

On Thu, 2004-12-02 at 02:02, Ian Forde wrote:

> I believe that mplayer can currently play .ty (tystream) files, although
> one would have to use the modified version at http://tivo-
> mplayer.sourceforge.net in order to play files that are still on the
> tivo.  

Actually Mplayer can play them now (and can for some time).  Someone
ported the code a while back.

> Not to mention that they'd have to do some tivo hacking for it to
> work.  I've been using mythtivo successfully for about a year, even with
> current builds of mythtv.

Well, I've hacked the DirectTiVo already.  I can move the files off the
TiVo and onto a myth box without much problem.

> The commercial skipping is a different issue.  You'd have to add support
> for .ty files to the myth internal player (or would that be ffmpeg?)

Ahhh, that is the crux of the problem I guess.  I was hoping to here I
could use mplayer :)

I have not found much info on the myth internal player.  Is there
anything, or just source/devlist?

Also it is also possible to convert the ty streams to mpeg (they are
mpegs with extra headers).  Is there a prefered format for the internal
player?  I would prefer to just move the ty stream obviously.

> 	-Ian
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