[mythtv-users] Captive NTFS?

Cecil Watson cwatson at linkline.com
Thu Dec 2 06:00:40 UTC 2004


Ian Jackson wrote:

> Hi,
> Has anybody used captive NTFS on drives use for capturing? I have been 
> playing with it, but the performance is not acceptable at all. My 
> playback and captures jump randomly, and sometimes are completely 
> uunwatchable. I am running Knoppymyth (latest).  The box is a 
> 2400XP/256/PVR250/Nvidia.  I know there is more then enough horsepower 
> there.  I realize capturing to NTFS  is a stupid idea, as you should 
> always use a native FS for Write access, however the drive came out of 
> my windows machine, with a large collection of movies already on it. 
> Without buying a drive, and backing up all the movies to cdrom, I'm 
> not sure how else to tackle it. Any ideas? Any performance tips?

Is there enough free space on the drive?  Perhaps you can resize the 
partition and create a Linux friendly partition to move the movies into 
that partition.  If this is possible, you can then wipe the NTFS partition.

> On completely un-related note, is there a site, faq, something that 
> explains creating modules for myth? Is it hard? I have a couple ideas 
> for modules. Foremost, I'd like to see the tight integration of 
> torrents into myth. I know there is a torrent module already, but i 
> don't think it address my desires. I'd really like to see a module 
> like TVT-RSS for Windows, that allows for the scheduling/monitoring of 
> torrents from sites like tvtorrents.. So I can say "If You can't 
> record the O.C at 9pm, check Tvttorrents, and see if you can download 
> it".  As well, I'd like to use .torrent for the distribution of my 
> recordings. That way, I could wake up in Toronto, and have downloaded 
> last nights local news from my box at home in Vancouver, all via 
> bandwidth saving bit torrent.
I hope you are wearing an asbesto overcoat.

> Thanks,
> Ian


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