[mythtv-users] Captive NTFS?

Ian Jackson ianjackson at shaw.ca
Thu Dec 2 05:27:40 UTC 2004


Has anybody used captive NTFS on drives use for capturing? I have been 
playing with it, but the performance is not acceptable at all. My 
playback and captures jump randomly, and sometimes are completely 
uunwatchable. I am running Knoppymyth (latest).  The box is a 
2400XP/256/PVR250/Nvidia.  I know there is more then enough horsepower 
there.  I realize capturing to NTFS  is a stupid idea, as you should 
always use a native FS for Write access, however the drive came out of 
my windows machine, with a large collection of movies already on it. 
Without buying a drive, and backing up all the movies to cdrom, I'm not 
sure how else to tackle it. Any ideas? Any performance tips?

On completely un-related note, is there a site, faq, something that 
explains creating modules for myth? Is it hard? I have a couple ideas 
for modules. Foremost, I'd like to see the tight integration of torrents 
into myth. I know there is a torrent module already, but i don't think 
it address my desires. I'd really like to see a module like TVT-RSS for 
Windows, that allows for the scheduling/monitoring of torrents from 
sites like tvtorrents.. So I can say "If You can't record the O.C at 
9pm, check Tvttorrents, and see if you can download it".  As well, I'd 
like to use .torrent for the distribution of my recordings. That way, I 
could wake up in Toronto, and have downloaded last nights local news 
from my box at home in Vancouver, all via bandwidth saving bit torrent.




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