[mythtv-users] best remote to buy for mythtv

jds jds-myth at losdos.dyndns.org
Wed Dec 1 20:11:58 UTC 2004

> The one reason I was hoping that I could find an all in
> one package is because now i have to buy a soldering iron

not necessarily, see:

> I also remember that article saying that it would require
> another instance of lirc to run the ir transmitter.  Once i
> get all that set up there isn't anything i need to do on the
> mythtv side to tell myth to use the ir transmitter to change
> the channel on the cable box so it perform a recording is
> there?

everything you need to do is enumerated here:
or mirror

> OK so now i am thinking... currently my pvr350 remote is working and
> does everything i want it to using lirc.  What added functionality
> does the RF transmitter give me.



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