[mythtv-users] Best Settings for TV-out to Big Screen

David Southwell kelvin at kelsin.com
Wed Dec 1 19:27:08 UTC 2004

I'm just finishing my install/setup of mythtv, and I'm testing out some 
different resolutions and such.  So far I haven't been to happy with the 
way the picture looks on the TV.

Hardware:  AMD 2400XP 512MB
Video:   GeForce 2 GTS 64MB DDR w/TV out.

I've got my desktop screen set to 800x600.  I'm currently capturing at 
480x480 (Default I think)

I've tested out both compression codecs, with divx(mpg4) looking worse 
by far, even with all values set as high as possible.

I've also found that sometimes a straight svideo cable looks worse then 
if I use the svideo-rca converter that came with the card.  My TV is a 
50 inch HDTV ready rear-projection unit.  My divx movies that I play 
through mythvideo look pretty respectible, just not live TV.

Where should I look first to try an improve the quality of my picture?  
Should I look into a VGA->SVideo dongle?  Do I need to change some other 
settings?  What are your settings?

Thanks in advance,


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