[mythtv-users] best remote to buy for mythtv

Joel Anderson bitjunkie at gmail.com
Wed Dec 1 18:10:52 UTC 2004

> OK thanks for the responses so far.  I am trying to put all the pieces
> together in my head before i buy something and realize it isn't what i
> actually wanted or that I needed something else in addition to what I
> purchased.
> OK so i grabbed this off newegg
> ***************************************************
> Niveus Media PC Remote Control w/USB Receiver - Retail


> Ok so right now the received i have for my pvr350 is an rf receiver or
> an ir receiver?I appologize in advance that these are trivial
> questions..  I am gathering that it is an it receiver.  So if i bought
> this remote and rf receiver then that would eliminate the problem that
> I have with my tv changing channels (i think).

Yes, it's an IR receiver.

> Since it says that it can control your ir equipment does that mean the
> the remote also sends ir signals? or does it send rf to the rf
> receiver which translates it in ir and sends it to the corresponding
> piece of equipment?

It sends RF signals to control the computer that you have the little
USB RF receiver plugged into.  It sends IR directly from the front of
the remote to whatever IR receiver equipped devices you point it at.

> How would i go about setting this up?  Would it require me to do stuff
> with lirc or does it handle it all on its own.  And if i have to set
> up lirc and map channel up and channel down to change the channels on
> my cable box (if this is transmitted through ir) what would stop the
> tv from picking up the signal.  Like i said i am new to this and the
> only time i have even looked at an lirc file is when i used the one on
> Jarods site to set up my pvr350 remote.

You will have to do a bit of work to get lirc configured nicely for
myth.  There is also a kernel module called ati_remote which is easier
but less flexible, IMHO.  (the ATI remote it is basically the same
without the IR capability AFAIK).

To get myth to control your cable box automatically you will need an
"IR blaster" type device.  I highly recommend using the home brew off
the serial port, this is a very cheap solution that works great for
most people.  You need to make sure that lirc is compiled with
transmit support enabled for this to work.

If you search the list archives there is a lot of info on setting all
of this up.



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