[mythtv-users] best remote to buy for mythtv

Evan Burrows eburrows at gmail.com
Wed Dec 1 14:05:19 UTC 2004

I am looking to by a new remote and I have a few questions.  Currently
I am using 3 remotes to control my tv stuff.  One for the tv itself
(turn it off/on etc, I also have a cable feed going to the analog port
on my tv so i can watch some tv when the pvr350 is recording off my
cable box), the grey Hauppauge remote for my pvr350 and the remote for
my scientic atlantica cable box.  So are there any decent remote
combos out there that will be an ir receiver (to capture the commands
sent to control the pvr350), and an ir transmitter because I would
have to transmit a signal from this receiver to the the receiver on my
cable box so that my mythbox could control my cable box.  I have seen
the posts that build a simple ir transmitter from a few parts from
radio shack and am willing to do that if need be but i figured since
we are around the holiday season if i could kill a couple birds with
one stone I might as well get an all in one package and spend a little
money for the convenience.

Also one that that I noticed is when i am using the the hauppauge
remote to scroll through the menu items in mythtv my tv is picking up
the signal from the remote.  So every third time I press up (or down) 
on the remote (i am using the lirc file from Jarod's site) it changes
the channel on the tv from my svideo channel to AV1 which I can say it
EXTREMELY annoying. Since i am new to this lirc stuff is there any way
to get around this other than putting a piece of electrical tape over
the ir receiver on my tv lol.


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