[mythtv-users] HD3000 sound out

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Wed Dec 1 01:14:43 UTC 2004

Hello all,

FC2 and HD3000 hints below
Short question: How to enable sound out on HD3000 in Mythtv?

Long question:

     I have been wrestling with FC2 and a HD3000 card for several days. I 
have everything but the audio setup. The HD3000 card uses a line out for its 
capture audio. The idea is to patch the line out on the HD3000 to the line 
in on a SBLive 5.1. The problem is that the HD3000 does not output audio in 
Mythtv. It does in tvtime and xawtv. Any ideas on how to enable the sound 
capture in Mythtv for a HD3000 pcHDTV card? I am running the card as a 
generic v4l caputure card. I am using ALSA and have native ALSA support 
compiled in through the settings file. CVS is from last Sunday. Any help or 
pointers much appreciated.

FC2 Hints:
I hope this will save someone the hours it took me to find this problem. 
FC2, an HD3000, and v4l do not play well. v4l2 does play well. There is a 
hardcode on line 875 of NuppelVideoRecorder.cpp that forces Mythtv to use 
v4l instead of v4l2. Comment this line out and recompile. This should allow 
video from the HD3000.

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